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purchasing   /  Limited Purchase Orders

Limited Purchase Orders

Limited Purchase Orders (LPOs) are provided by University Purchasing to allow approved users in UAB departments to easily make emergency and after-hours purchases. The LPO is a 2-part, pre-numbered form which incorporates the appropriate characteristics of form and authority to constitute a valid purchase order up to $1,999.99. LPOs are normally limited to local vendors, but may be used with a vendor out of the local area when the vendor agrees to comply with the instructions shown on the form.

Limited Purchase Orders should be used in compliance with UAB policies and procedures regarding expenditures. Please refer to the Expenditure Guidelines

UAB assumes no liability for commitments to vendors made by individuals without approval by UAB Procurement. LPO's are intended for after-hours and emergency purchases only. LPO's are not to be used to request payment for routine services. Examples include, but are not limited to: "consulting, landscaping, and craft trades (painting, plumbing, etc.)". Excluded from this policy statement are catering services. Transactions not handled according to the established policies and procedures set forth will not be processed and will be returned to the requestor and the individual making the purchase will be responsible for reconciling with the vendor.

Obtaining LPO
Departments must initially complete two forms.  (LPO Authorization Form and LPO Pick Up Form) to obtain LPOs.  The LPO Authorization Form identifies the person in the department with the responsibility for managing the forms, and requires a list of persons designated to pick up LPOs.  This information must be updated when there is a change in the personnel listed on the initial form.  The LPO Pick Up Form must be submitted each time LPOs are picked up (a valid ID is required).  Both forms are kept on file in University Purchasing.  LPOs are limited to one packet of ten per request.

Using LPOs
The LPO number should be listed on the invoice.  The department should retain the original of the two part LPO and obtain an invoice or receipt from the vendor (the LPO number should be listed on the invoice or noted on the receipt).  A copy of the two part LPO should be left with the vendor for their record.

Once the Oracle request is received in University Purchasing we will access supporting documentation in Optidoc and process valid charges for payment. Approvers will query on the Payment Request Number in Oracle and Optidoc to match the documentation with the payment request.

Processing Payment for LPO Purchases
It is the responsibility of the department to submit a Payment Request in Oracle to pay the vendor.  The documentation for the Payment Request should include the completed LPO and an invoice or receipt.  Only one invoice/receipt per LPO.  The payment type and object code should correspond with the expense.

Examples:  If the LPO was used to purchase food incidental to a meeting, the payment type would be ENT/Business Meals, object code 8709030.

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