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Administrative Systems Training   /  Salary Reclass: Salary Reclass Form

Salary Reclass Form

The Salary Reclass Form is used to retroactively redistribute previously posted salary/benefit dollars for an employee or fellowship/scholarship dollars for a trainee.  Access is based on the Human Resource securities for each user.

UAB Salary Reclass → Update Salary Distribution Information → Salary Reclass Form

UAB HR Officer → Update Salary Distribution Information → Salary Reclass Form

The Find Distributions window will load.

Using the LOV in the Employee Name field, the user may search for the employee or may enter the appropriate digits in the Assignment field.  After entering the employee name or assignment number, press the tab key to populate the employee name or assignment field.

Note: Salary/benefit dollars for an employee or fellowship/scholarship dollars are based on the assignment.  If the employee has more than one assignment the LOV will list all assignments affiliated with the employee.

Click in the Period Type field.  The options are monthly, quarterly, or biweekly depending on the employee's employment status.  Select the appropriate period type.

Once the period type has been selected, a list of values will load including all applicable options.  Highlight the appropriate value and click OK.

Note: A salary reclass cannot be done for a closed period.  If the period is closed, it will not be available in the list of values.  The cost transfer form must be completed to reclass Salary/benefit dollars for an employee and fellowship/scholarship dollars for a closed period.

The dates will auto populate in the Find Distributions window.

For Biweekly employees only, the Adjust by box allows the user to select the information that is viewable on the salary reclass form.  Selecting Assignment will cause the funding information to be viewable by the employee's assignment funding.  Selecting Element will show all elements used to pay the employee for the selected time period.  Monthly employees only have the option of viewing the salary reclass form by element. 



Place a check mark √ in the box(es) beside the line(s) that needs to be adjusted.  The Done button will become available.  After marking all applicable lines, click Done.  Click here for information on reclassifying multiple elements on the same document.

The funding lines will move to the right side of the form.  Enter the new ASBOF or PTAO account(s).  The user may select to adjust the funding by amount or percent by clicking the appropriate radio button in the Adjust By box.  Amount allows the user to make changes using dollar amounts.  Percent allows the user to make changes based on percentages of funding.

Once the funding amount/percent has been entered, select Freeze Set

Note that the Unaccounted Balance must total to zero (0).

NOTE: Multiple elements may be reclassified on the same document by completely adjusting each element line individually.  Once the initial element reclassification is completed up to the 'Freeze Set' step, the user may then select another element(s) and follow the same process.  Once all elements have been selected and adjusted, the document is ready for submission. 

Select Submit.

The Submit box will load indicating the Batch Name, GL Override Date, and Comments.  Select OK.

The document will enter the workflow approval path.

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