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Administrative Systems Training   /  Self Service: State Online Tax Form

Click here if you are an employee with work locations outside of the state of Alabama.

UAB Self Service Applications: State Online Tax Form

Employees may adjust their state income tax withholdings through the Self Service Applications in the Oracle Administrative Systems.

NOTE: UAB Payroll Services employees are NOT allowed to give tax advice.

UAB Self Service Applications → State Online Tax Form

NOTE: If the employee has any assignment with a work location that is outside the state of Alabama, the employee will be directed to a Payroll Services website containing additional information.

If the employee has no assignments with a work location outside the State of Alabama, The Alabama Online Tax Form A-4 page will load with the employee's state tax withholding selections visible. The default, meaning that the employee has not made any adjustments to the filing status or withholding amounts, is "S" Claiming $1500 Exemption and 0 (zero) for both Allowances and Additional Amount Withheld.

To make changes to state withholdings, select Update.

The Update Tax Form: State A-4 form will load, and the employee may make the necessary changes.

In order to obtain the Form A-4 worksheet which will assist in completing the form, click on the hyperlink.

The employee will be directed to the Form A-4 withholding worksheet provided by the Alabama Department of Revenue.

The second page of the Form A-4 provides instructions and information for completing the form.

Once the employee has made the necessary changes on the Update Tax Form: State A-4 form, click the box beside I Agree in order to place a check  mark. 

Click Continue.

The Review Tax Form: State A-4 form will load.  Confirm that the changes are correct.

Select Submit.

The Confirmation page will load indicating that the changes have been applied.

The employee will receive an email notification stating that changes have been made.

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