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Administrative Systems Training   /  Self Service: Manage Direct Deposit Account (Initial Setup)

Self Service: Manage Direct Deposit Account (Initial Setup)


All employees are required to set up a direct deposit account.  Utilizing the Self Service Applications in the Oracle Administrative Systems, employees may enter and maintain this information electronically.  Click here to access the You and UAB Handbook for Administrative, Professional, and Support Personnel. Section 5.1 entitled, "Pay Periods and Receipt of Pay," outlines the employee's responsibility with regard to establishing a direct deposit account.


UAB Self Service Applications → Manage Direct Deposit Account


The Manage Payroll Payments: Define Payments page will direct a new employee to set up a direct deposit account.


If you do not complete the direct deposit information, Payroll Services will disburse one check via US mail along with the notification that if an employee's direct deposit information is not entered into the administrative system by the next payroll run, the employee's second check will be held in Payroll Services until direct deposit information is completed in the system or a Powercash Visa debit card enrollment form is completed.




Click on the Add Deposit Payment button.



On the Add Deposit Payment page, complete all of the required fields denoted by an asterisk (*).



The Account Name field is the name of the employee as it appears on the bank account.



The Account Type field denotes the type of account to which the employee's pay will be deposited.



The Account Number is the employee's personal bank account number.  For checking accounts, this number can be found at the bottom of the employee's personal checks following the transit code.



The Transit Code is a number exclusive to each bank.  This 9-digit number is located in the lower left hand corner of the employee's personal checks.  The transit code is often times referred to as the routing number.



The Bank Name should be populated with the name of the employee's banking institution.  The name can typically be found above the Memo field on the employee's personal checks.



Many banking institutions have more than one location; the employee should indicate the specific branch location in the Bank Branch field, including city and state.



Once all information has been added, select Apply.



On the Manage Payroll Payments: Define payments page, the employee should review the data and ensure that the information is correct.



If any information needs to be changed, select Update.



If the information is correct, select Continue.



NOTE: Pay special attention to the information below the Employee Payments box.



The Manage Direct Deposit Account: Review screen indicates any change with a blue dot.



If the information is correct, select Submit.



The final page is the Confirmation page.


NOTE: Until the confirmation notice is received, no changes have been saved.




The system will automatically generate an email notification as well.





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