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Administrative Systems Training   /  Self Service: Payslip - Updated

UAB Self Service Applications: Payslip

Employees may view their payslip(s) via the Self Service Applications in the Oracle Administrative Systems.

UAB Self Service Applications → Payslip

The Payslip form will load with the most current payslip visible.

The top section of the form includes information related to the employee and his or her primary assignment.

Click on the arrow in the Choose a Payslip field and a drop-down box will enable the user to select any one of the ten (10)  most recent payslips they wish to view.  Click on next 10 .. and the preceeding ten (10) payslips will be available for selection.  Highlight the selection and click Go.

The user may select the next 10 .. and previous 10 .. features to scroll through Payslips as necessary.

The Pay Period and Salary section of the form includes payroll identification information and the employee's rate of pay.  Click here to view the most current payroll schedules.

The Summary section of the payslip contains year to date (YTD) payment information as well as the current pay period.  An explanation of the current payment information is located in other sections on the form.  Click here to access the UAB Net Pay Calculator.

The Hours and Earnings section of the payslip contains current and year to date (YTD) payment information.  Click here to access the Annual Excess Insurance Calculation Worksheet.

The Pre-Tax Deductions section includes any deductions that are taken from gross pay.  For a listing of qualified pre-tax deduction elements, click here.  Deductions are classified as mandatory, voluntary or involuntary.  Click each link to obtain information regarding these deductions.

The Taxes section includes tax deductions applicable to the individual.  Additional tax information resources may be obtained by clicking here.

The After-Tax Deductions section includes any deductions that are taken after required taxes are applied.

The Tax Withholding Information section is dependent upon information submitted via Self Service.  For information on updating federal and/or state tax withholdings, click here.

NOTE: If withholding information is not updated by the employee, the default settings are applied.  Default withholdings for both federal and state taxes are Single and 0 (zero).

The Net Pay Distribution section contains the direct deposit instructions maintained by the employee through Self Service.  For information on updating direct deposit instructions, click here.  The total amount (net pay) deposited into the established account(s) is also included.

The TP Pay Distribution section contains payments made to third party agencies.  For more information on these involuntary deductions, click here.

Last Updated 2/22/2011

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